TM Intro

User onboarding tour for Elementor page builder. Create an introduction for your page with a step-by-step guide.

Step by Step Guide

User Onboarding Tour

The user onboarding experience is the first user experience (FUX) a person has when they visit the page for the first time. An onboarding process can take several forms; a quick slide tour of main functionalities, a product tour, an account creation process, and more. The aim is to tell users what they need to know as they landed to your page for the first time. TM Intro allows you to create an page introduction with a step by step guide using Elementor page builder.

Made for Elementor

Fully Customizable

TM Intro is highly flexible. You can add any Elementor section, column or widget to the user onboarding tour in a few clicks. TM Intro comes with a rich set of customization options. You can customize every details (colors, fonts, borders, shadows etc.) of the elements.


Key Features

Customize Everything

You are not limited to the default theme. You can create your own! Edit colors, fonts, borders, shadows etc. as you want.

Select Start Time

Start the tour after the page load or create a button or link to allow the users start the tour whenever they want.

Set Cookie

If you enable cookies, after the user close the instructions, the user onboarding tour will not start again, for that user.

Fixed Or Sticky Tooltip

Make the tooltip fixed to the bottom of the page or stick it next to the highlighted box.

Step Numbers

You can enable/disable auto-generated step numbers and change the order the steps as you want.


You can navigate between steps using prev/next buttons, bullets. It also supports keyboard navigation.

Control The Interaction

Enable/disable interactions with elements inside the highlighted box. This may be useful if you have a clickable element inside the box.

Progress Bar

Progress bar shows where exactly you are on the onboarding tour process.

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