WordPress Multisite Network Site List For Elementor

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WordPress Multisite Network

Site List For Elementor

Multisite is a type of WordPress installation that allows you to create and manage a network of multiple websites from a single WordPress dashboard. TMNET allows you to add a list of the selected sites on the network to any Elementor page with ease.

Made for Elementor

Fully Customizable

TMNET is fully customizable. Rich set of customization options allow you to create an unique site list that fits your website design. You can enable or disable any feature with ease.


Key Features

Customize Everything

You are not limited to the default skin. You can create your own! Edit colors, fonts, borders, shadows etc. as you want.

Data Fields

You can select any of the available data fields such as site name, description, favicon, registration date, latest update date etc.

Blog Option Support

You can display any existing blog option in the table such as admin email, theme name, WooCommerce options etc.

Search & Ordering

Search box allow users to find what they are looking for with ease. You can change the order of the sites as you want.

Include / Exclude Sites

You can include or exclude any of the sites on the WordPress Multisite Network by site IDs.

Download Buttons

You can enable/disable built-in buttons above the table;
CSV, Excel, PDF, Print.

Post / User Count

You can show how many posts or users the sites on the network have in the table.


Are there too many sites on your network to display on a single page? No problem. The table comes with pagination support.

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